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    [TRAN] Enews Interview on 2/5 Part 1

    BIGBANG is the top idol band nowadays and we expect to see them to remain at the position for some more time. The average lifespan of the idol groups is 5 years. When the members grow into top singers, then problems between them and their companies will emerage, so the idol group would usually be disbanded by that time.

    However, BIGBANG is not going on the same way with them. Recently, the 5 year-contract between BIGBANG and YGE has come to an end but they have decided to renew another 5-year contract with it.

    Against the background that most of the idol groups seem to have endless conflicts with their companies, the renewal of the contract of the top idol group BIGBANG is regarded as a speical ‘case’

    GD: We have not thought too much about renewing the contract but there were a lot of surrounding people trying to give us opinion on this issue. Because I have been a trainee at YGE ever since I was small, I have not thought of joining other companies. We have discussed the issue among ourselves. We have no knowledge about other companies. At YGE, we can create songs with the system there which other companies cannot provide us with. I am more comfortable when I work with YG.

    TOP: We are guided by YGE and YGE understands what kind of music that we want to create best. Neither the company nor we can keep on working well unless we know that we are going to renew the contract. I did not have a lot of worries about it. However, it is not nice that the news of renewal of the contract rather than making good music has become the focus of the news. There are problems emerged from the renewal of contracts among many idol groups and their companies which are due to people talking about the issue too much.

    Taeyang said he has been leading the life of a trainee with GD since they were young until they grew into the teenagers

    Taeyang: The company listens to our opinion, no matter what we do, we can do it comfortably because our company is supportive to us. They know us well.

    YGE is also a company well known for having a a good system that each artist can enjoy respect and utilize their individual potential. Therefore, it is understandable that the members of BIGBANG can keep on showing us their amazing talent.

    GD, Daesung: YGE is more like a family than a company to us.
    We have comfortable communication with each other. We have been working with the staff for a long time so we do not want to leave each other.

    In the free atmosphere of YG, the five members of the group can show their own colors and abilities as a musician, and active performers on the TV. It is rare that the idol groups can write their own lyrics and show their ability in doing it well. When calling them ‘Model Idol’, the members laughed since they thought they are overpraised.

    TOP: I want to show that idol group can also make good music.’

    GD: Sometimes, only within such a system that an idol group can be created. Inside the group, we are like a company which comment on the music we make and share. As a singer, of course, we have to make music.

    Taeyang: Each of the 5 of us have different strengths. We have learnt a lot from each other.

    Daesung: It is important to grow after we have debuted. We have to make constant development.

    Source: Enews via bbvipz
    Translated by: riceluv_babygee@twitter/godlovesrice@tumblr (Please take out with such credits if you take it out from here!^^)

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