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    [TRAN] GD interview in K& Magazine (Part 2)


    Q11) You label ‘that XX’ as a song which people under 18 cannot listen to…

    A: I set the borderline first. Although it was labelled like that, I don’t think the lyrics ‘that bastard’ is that tabooed. 

    Comparing restricting myself from doing everything, isn’t it more important if I can show my thoughts to you?

    Of course there are people who hate words like ‘that bastard’, I think there also have people who don’t think like this.

    I am just following my true self. If this song is entitled as ‘that guy’ or ‘that man’ , will the song still convey the same atmosphere?

    Q12) What do you think about the censorship system that the song’s MV had to go through before it was released?

    A: I was quite burdened. I think I should have been able to produce music which is even more out of the box, I could not finish it as what I had expected.

    Therefore, the MV looks a little bit plain. If it is like this, people cannot enjoy as much as they should … 

    Q13) You have collaborated with JAURIM’s Kim Eung-ah and Nell’s Kim Jong-wan.

    A: I tried to ask whether they are willing to ask and they promised to help in a very short time.
    I have asked for the permission of president Yang faithfully so he approved me of collaborating with Eung Ah noona to sing ‘Missing You’.

    Kim Jong Wan Hyun whom I sang ‘Today’ with , I knew him  through Tablo hyun, though I know he is a very straight person.  But in fact he is a very nice person. I have learnt loads of things after working with them.

    Seeing their being able to present my products more than I myself can do, I have the feeling that ‘Aww.. no wonder they are my seniors.’

    Because of this, I rethought again how I should work with the staff of my company.

    I also want to work with more people after this. 

    Q14: The lyrics of ‘Light It Up’ is very interesting.
    A: I write the lyrics after watching ’ War Crimes’.

    I have also thought of including funny messages for the people who hate me. Originally I wanted to write this for a person who hates me but there are so many people dislike me, I just cannot dedicate it for a particular person.

    That’s why the lyrics has now become ‘although you guys hate me, I don’t care even a bit.’ I know it is a bit naive, I just hope that you can find the lyrics cute.

    Because there are some cute elements in the rap starting from the very beginning.

    Q15: You have collaborated with other artists 4 songs out of the total 7!
    A: It is obviously 5 members of Big Bang has their unique charm, I will not pursuit voices other than these.

    Therefore, even if we want to collaborate with each other, it is kind of difficult. But since it is the solo album that I have not released for a long time, I am a little bit more greedy. (laugh) 

    Q16: Who you think you must collaborate with?
    A: ‘Kim Bunjan’ of ‘Wind City’.

    There are songs which I have collaborated with other artists too but they are not included in this album.

    I thin it will be interesting too if i can collaborate with the artists of my company. 

     From: pizastar @ weibo

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