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    [Tran] Big Bang Members’ ideal girls

    It is just for fun~~ =] 

    Kwon Ji Yong ‘s ideal girl
    1) Girls who have unique characteristics 

    2) Girls who work hard in the things they do
    3) Girls who like hip hop
    4) clever girls
    5) Girls who know how to act girly
    6) Girls who go to Ehwa Women University
    7) Girls who are not his fans
    The female artists that he likes: IVY, Boa, Lee Yan Hsi,Suli, Yu Aoi

    T.O.P.’s ideal girl 
    1)Girls who do ther works seriously
    2)Girls who have unique characteristics
    3)Sexy grls
    4)Girls who have both sense and humor at the same time
    5)Girls who treat the people around her well
    6)Girls who have a fresh look 
    7)Girls whose words are beautful
    The female artists that he likes; Byonce, Lee Hyori, Kim Ji Yong

    Seungri’s Ideal type
    1) Girls who are girly
    2) Girls who are elegant
    3) Girls whose age different is not larger than 5 years with him
    4) Good dancers
    5) Prudent girls
    6) Girls who don’t have pierces
    7) Girls whom are interesting to be with
    8) Cute girls
    Female artists that she like: Song Hye Kyo

    Taeyang’s ideal girl
    1) Girls who do their works seriously
    2) Girls who are small in size and elegant
    3) Girls who are girly
    4) Kind girls
    5) Knowledgable girls
    6) Girls who can match his characterictics
    7) Church-goes
    Female artists that he likes: Kim Tae Hee

    Daesung’s ideal girl
    1) girls who are small in size and cute
    2) Those have beautiful smiles
    3) Kind girls
    Female artists that he like: Son Ye Jin (165 cm)
    Song Youn Ah (169 cm)

    Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1145377008 

    Translated by: rice @bigbangupdates 

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