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    [TRA]intro of ‘There is something that I need to say.’

    Let me introduce the title song of this album, ‘there is something that I need to say’.

    Do you still remember that the song that I used as my title song during my solo debut? I still remember that I was a twenty-year-old youth wearing a suit, singing a song called ‘Strong Baby’ and was dancing some hot dances with the dancers. I think it is not that natural since I was like a kid trying to act like an adult… When I watched that video again now, I still feel like this.

    It has been 4 years since that song and so many things have happened to me. Those were the things which are beyond verbal description. The image that I want to create for myself this time is a charming man who can attract a lot of female fans. I have to create an image which is different from other solo artists so I can survive in this field.I know this too well so I have to make a change. Therefore, I have been working hard in searching the sound that I have never produced before.

    From the first bar of ‘There is something I need to say’, you can hear a very different voice of mine which is different from that I used to use before. Before I became a member of Seungri, I was a dancer. Maybe because of it, the music that I have made so far is the type that no matter when you hear it, you want to dance along with it. There were some Club DJs(names omitted) participating in producing the song, they know more about how to excite people under such kind of melody and rhythm than anyone else. Therefore, ‘there is something that I need to say’ is a song which you will feel good to listen to no matter where you are! 

    Cr: 7仔 at BBUS 

    Strong Baby MV =] 

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    Photo of the magazine interview here: Daesung’s Jap Magazine vol3.

    Please understand that the photos are not allowed to be reuploaded/reposted to other social platforms which is why I am not putting any pictures, just the English translations.

    [I would like to love people like the Sun]


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    from:bobog-dragon at weibo

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    [PHOTO] Vogue Magazine March Issue GD Ver ~ 3 more pics =] 

    Fr: GKGD Via bobog-dragon at weibo

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    [PHOTO] Vogue Magazine March Issue GD ver

    from: gkgd via bobog-dragon at weibo

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    So, like the PiL one I did awhile back, I compiled CGs of each character from MFW. This time, however, instead of the first CGs, well, I exercised some bias and chose the ones I liked best. Feel free to use them for whatever you want—but if you post ‘em online somewhere, please do give me credit!

    Again, the only difference between the two pictures is the text. :)


    (I’m toying with the idea of compiling all of the CGs of each bachelor into a similar picture set, both for MFW and PIL but I haven’t decided one way or the other yet. We’ll see, I guess.)

    the love of my lie >< 

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    [TRAN] 女性セブン D-LITE Interview

    Dlite is going to release 10 J-Pop cover songs in his album.Although he said he has chosen ‘warm songs’, what supports him to record until late night? 

    In the days when I am in Japan, the very thing that I enjoy most is eating. Since I have to take care of my voice, I cannot eat food which is too spicy. However, the ox tail soup of yugentei is really tasty! Because I have been there for a lot of times already, now, I only need to tell the waiters ‘I want the same old thing’,then I can get what I want. And I also like Kobe Ramen 511. Just becauuse there is Kobe steak added, then the price is raised by 200 yen! However, it all worths after I swallow them down. Ah, and I don’t know why I need to keep paying even for the part of the staff. (laugh). The cuisine is part of Japan cultures and I should also taste other parts of Japanese cultures. I want to ski in Japan’s skiing venues this time but I can only hop to about 10am (cry)

    The most impressive place from the world tour is Peru. The female audiences seemed to be always inviting and it is so special. Although my eyes are small, I have good vision so I can see it very clearly! Yesyes, in Brazil, there were people wrapping their bodies with their national athemn. The lights were so dim but I thought they wore nohing inside… (shy and laugh) 

    There are a lot of people doing cosplay in Japan which makes me very happy. And one more thing, when I see people holding my fanboards, I will walk to that side. However, the number of people who are doing so is not enough! 

    I will be starting to hold my solo concerts in March and I promise I will show the sides which I have yet to unveil to you. Maybe… I will show you my good body!


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    [TRAN] Forbes Korea Power Leaders 2013 ~ G-Dragon Interview


    Singer G-Dragon,if only age grows but the ‘inspiration’ does not lose…

    Big Bang’s leader and the music producer for YGE, G-Dragon (age:25. Original Name: Kwon Ji Yong)has been selected as the power leader in the music section.

    In the Golden Disk Award Ceremony, G-Dragon was crowned as the king of 4 categories, they were Ceci Popularity Award, Golden Disk Album Sales Bosang(solo:Crayon; Bigbang: Fantastic Baby)and MSN International Award. The two songs which were awarded Bosang were written by him (both melody and lyrics).He has also participated in the production of ‘Lie’, “Haru Haru’, ‘Tonight,etc. He has registered for more than 120 songs in Korea Music Copyright Association. (KOMCA) and he receives an annual royalties of more than 1000000000 wons.

    G-Dragon is the one of the few idols who possesses both composing and producing ability. Wearing an expression of seemingly  he has shouldered the burdens of the whole world coupled with the look he shows to the audience on the stage, some people said he is ‘buffing’;however, G-Dragon only responded by 1 sentence,’ I am only doing my music.’ The public’s comments only sharpen his words. His first solo album, ‘Heartbreaker’which was released in August of 2008 captured the 1st spot in the Korea album chart that year. The 2nd album ‘One of A Kind’ which he released 3 years later has also sold out for more than 170000 pieces which enabled it to top the album chart. The album in which G-Dragon has participated in all of the music and lyrics writing sessions has landed in the market of America and captured the 161th place of Billboard.

    The group that he belongs to is selected by Forbes Korea as ‘Kpop Power Celebrity 10’and ‘2012 Korea Power Celebrity 40’. There was even 1 commentator analysed that G-Dragon has been earning a daily income of 200000000 wons and whose twitter fans has the 10th greatest number among the Korean artists(he had more than 1220000 followers up til 20/1).Because of his unique fashion sense, he has also been contacted by many famous brands. We have conducted an interview with this fashion icon, G-Dragon after the Golden Disk Award.

    1)Why did you go to London?
    GD: I want to rest a bit and I also want to go to France on the way.

    2)You have been selected as ‘the Power Leader’2 years consecutively already.
    GD:There are a lot of great people and I feel very happy that I have been chosen. I think that I have to work harder in the future.

    -Now is 10:20pm of 18th-Jan. Maybe it is because of the time difference (after attending GDA, he has flown to London),his voice sounds very coarse. At the beginning, he just gave us very simple answers but as time went by, we had started to talk about music. He sounded much calmer than I thought. Whenever he finished his answers, he would always add ‘although I am still young now’ ,’there is still a long way to go’ or ‘although it is quite embarassing for me to talk about this now’, etc. Moreover, he would leave enough time for himself to answer the questions beforehand.

    3) You are said that you ‘have already surpassed only being an idol’ and you are said to be ‘an artist’. What do you think you are strong in the field of music?
    GD: Firstly, I think idols,musicians and performers are all artists because they have 1 point in common- they all show their best side in front of the audience. However, it seems that Korea showiz has divided ‘idols’ and ‘artists’ as 2 very different groups.I think the reason why I am praised is I am young but I am able to show my own music colour. It is because my music is not made by others or someone designates to me. I create my own music to express myself.

    4) Why did you start doing your own music?
    GD:I visited my best friend when I was studying in grade 4,I heard Wu-Tang Clan(Hip-Hop singer)’s ‘Cream’. Before that, I was only imitating the songs and choreography of the Korean singers. I was shocked after coming across with the CDs of the foreign singers. I had started writing my own music since then with my friends and became a rapper.

    -Although he was debuted as a member of BigBang in 2006,he had actually stepped in the showbiz earlier. Many people have discovered the ‘talent’ of him when he was small, he was the ‘little jiyong’in bobobo. He was also selected as ‘little roora’ by Roora Lee Sang Min and was active for a while. After this group was disbanded,he got the first place in the ice-skating competition and appeared in front of the president of SME and had been training in SME for 5 years and then he met YG.

    YG, who appreciated G-Dragon very much at that time, when G-Dragon’s mum went to the washroom, he told the kid,’ you have to use all the means to persuade your mum that you have to come to YG.’ And it has become a very famous antedote. Therefore, he had another session of training of 6 years in YGE and debuted as BIGBANG there.

    5) What kinds of music are you listening recently?
    GD:There is 1 album that I must listen to every day and it belongs to a rapper called Trinidad James.

    6)Why do you like it so much?
    GD: He is the one who just started rapping for an year but it seems that music has already penetrates in his body which I appreciate very much. He does not make electric sound which is very trendy these days or those complicated music, what he made is something simple and raw which is so great. The feeling his music gives me is just like how I first came into contact with the foreign music.

    -G-Dragon has mentioned in his previous interviews that whenever he introduces new songs, he has to force himself to add into new elements;therefore, he suffers. He said when he look back and saw the old self who used to be so satisfied with his old songs, he has some different feelings now.

    ~Singer 1TYM Teddy is his life coach
    7) What are the differences between ‘Kwon Jiyong’ (in everyday’s life) and ‘G-Dragon (on the stage)?
    GD: Although I am still young, I have been spending half of my life on the stage. Because I have to be more confident than anyone else else on the stage and I have to show it. When I am in variety shows or real life, I am not funnier than the gag men and I am no way better than other people. This makes me shy and exposes my weaknesses in front of others.

    8) What are the most tiring moments when you are leading such kind of non-ordinary life?
    GD:I think I feel the pains when I am composing although it is kind of embarrassing for me to say so at such an age but I think everyone should have such kind of experience. And the level of torture does not lessen just because I have written more hit songs. For the underground singers, because it is difficult for them to express their feelings to the audience,  they feel painful. However, when I see the fans who like my songs, and then the torturing feeling will disappear like a dream.

    9)Do you have any role models in your life?
    GD: I have been learning a lot from Teddy Hyun (1TYM Teddy). We have seek advice from him for all the albums of Big Bang and G-Dragon. Although I do have many role models in music but because Teddy hyun is the one I have been around throughout all the years, he does affect me a lot.

    10) What do you do to kill time when you are free?
    GD: Just like what I am doing now, I love to go travelling because I can enjoy my holiday as well as getting inspirations. Because of work, when I am travelling in the foreign countries, the cultures and sceneries do inspire me a lot too.

    ~He said he felt a lot from the lines of the movies and got inspiration from conversing with other ‘things’ too.


    11) Are there anything that you want to realize in music?
    GD: I hope that people don’t just listen to our songs because they belong to Big Bang or G-Dragon. I want to produce songs which no matter where the people are, they will just simply love the songs because they are good songs. In fact, my personality is not like I will only work towards my goal once I have set it.My ultimate goal is I can keep on producing good music without making mistakes and it will be the most blissful thing in my life. Ah, I hope that even when I am getting older, I will not lose this kind of ‘aspiartion’.

    ~We have tried asking him whether he has thought of being a star producer himself and he answered, ’ I have never thought of it once.’There was a TV programme which has chosen him to be the new Lee Soo-Man,Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin-Young but he said, ‘I am scared.’ He said although he had been with YG for the past years, he does not that that he would be good at doing business.If I say I want to do business, will I lose to my president, too? (laugh)People who make music do look the most handsome when they are making music,right? But of cause, it will be better if he has a working partner supporting him?

    After some time of thinking, G Dragon said,’if I really run a business somedays.. because I am familiar with culture and fashion and if there are friends who want to run a business with me too,then I do really love starting an enterprise.’ G-Dragon is really a fashionista. Everytime when he releases a new album, his style will also draws attention.

    -Comparing with marketing a star, I am more focused on my fashion

    12)What is the happiest moment in your life?
    GD:I am feeling blissful even now. I sometimes do feel that I am used to having so many things but when these times come, I would feel the same pressure of leading such kind of life. When I was a trainee, I could insist on my dreams simply then I could find my own path. However, I think I worry too many things now so I do feel that I was the happiest when I was a trainee.

    13)What is music to G-Dragon?
    GD: Eh… Music is… how to say… music is music…I cannot make any comments on it but no matter where I am, I can still enjoy it and feel reassured because of it. No matter they are sung by little babies or seniors,if you can utter, ‘ah, it is really nice.’ Then it is good music. And I only work hard for making such kind of music. Although it is good that music can carry so many messages which is great, it is music when you hear it played on the bus and loads of your memories flash back. 

    ~G-Dragon planned to go back to Korea immediately and participate in the encore concerts of Big Bang in Seoul and he will start his own world tour in April. YGE said,’ we will start his world tour from Japan’s major cities and then he will have his tour overseas.He will hold his concert in Fukuoka, Niigata and Osaka and it is expected that a total of 230000 audience will come.

    Source: 7仔 from www.bigbangnus.com


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    yeyechin said: Hi. i´m a Peruvian VIP part of BIGBANG is GREAT PERÚ the FC here. do u have the translation to "shout out the world" ? i want to translate to spanish for the Peruvian VIP... so many of them don´t speak english so i want to help them, of course with all the credits to u .

    Yeah~, I have translated all parts of Daesung, GD and half of Seungri~

    Feel free to search the tag #shoutouttotheworld

    And yes, you can translate them into your language =] 

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    [Seungri’s Diary 20130209~The man who has 2 names]

    The man who has 2 names :Today I saw Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, a member of Smap in a really popular talk show of Korea. He is known in Japan as “chonan kan”.

    Chonan kan started his solo activities in japan in 2012 (the year when Korea co-hosted the World Cup with Japan). He took up various roles,like an actor and a MC to be active in different areas of Korea. I still remember it vividly even thougg I was just at the age of 11.

    I felt really happy and excited when I was watching this Korea programme in which he guested. Everybody knows the name ‘Chonan kan’ and after being active in Japan for 22 years,he is still recognized as a SMAP member.
    Seeing his guest appearance in the korea programme,although somehow I felt weird,I was happy,too.
    When Chonan Kan was doing his solo activities in Korea,he must have encountered some difficulties too. Perhaps sometimes he have experienced language problem or he would be not used to the setting of the Korea programmes because they are different from the Japanese ones. He should have felt exhausted because of these too but it is because it was a decision of his, he had never given up on his dream. No matter what he encounters,he still keeps smiling and heading to his goal.We Koreans know all about it.

    Before this,I have met him before when we were doing the ‘100km running project’ at Fuji TV. There were lots of fans came to cheer for him.
    It seemed that he has also taken part in another Korea programe! I must go to watch. From now on,I will cheer for him from the bottom of my heart too.
    Chonan kan,please come to Korea again! ^^

    Fr:餃子石頭剪子布_yoy at weibo

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    [Seungri Dairy Updats 20130204] The recent Seungri

    In order to clear all the accumulated tedious feelings that I have had during the alive tour (the body fatigue, the exhaustion of my brain and heart), I wanted to  have a really relaxing week which I don’t need to think about anything neither do I need to worry about anything. I can just eat whatever I want to eat without having to worry they will make me fat.

    However, what I thought was just too simple. Immediately after my holiday was over, I had already entered a fighting mood. (*_____*)

    Starting from today, in order to keep my promise with you, I have to start taking Japanese and English lessons. I don’t want to be that kind of person who can just do talking but never take action. I have to make my every word counted!

    It has been a year that I have seen my Japanese teacher and she is really amazed by how much I have improved during this year. (haha) I told my teachers that I want to learn more about the history and other stuff of Japan. 
    I want to be a knowledgeable person. I don’t only want to bring joy to others but also be able to think about things deeply and bring touching moments to others. 

    And it is the first time that I met my English teacher, Sunan, she is a really cheerful person and impressed me a lot! I have to ask and answer her questions in English. This is the rule between us which is really interesting. Haha. 

    Ah… and I have also started my acting class. Thanks to Kindaishi, the TV drama, I have shown you that I can act,too. I think I might be offered to take part in new dramas soon. Haha. Therefore, I always have to get myself prepared!

    Moreover, acting skills are really important in singing, too but my teacher is a super calm person. No matter what, it has started already.
    I think he can even throw tantrums to me. I really think so.

    Now, Daesung has just started his solo activities in Japan just like what I did half a year ago. I know how lonely and tedious that carrying out solo activities can be. What he needs most is the support from you. (*___*)
    Daesung will work even harder this year. Daesung, support you!

    Translated by:Baidu Lee Seunghyun bar =] 

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    D-Lite’s 1st columnn in 女性自身 Magazine


    This week’s discovery is ‘sometimes there are sadness carried in the songs too’.

    The world tour of Big Bang which had started in last March was officially end in January. It had been going so smoothly and I am relieved. I am in super good mood now (laugh)!

    We have finished the tour in Japan’s 3 Big Domes and we have been to 12 countries when we were conducting our world tour. I think there were most people came to see us in Japan. It was our best memory when we were standing on the stage of Tokyo Dome, it was one of our targets. I swore that Big Bang will bring better music and greater stages to you in the future. However, there are times that I feel painful when facing my job. It is because I have to set my target to a higher place and it is really a torture to be frank. I learn what the blessings and pains of being a singer have during this tour. 

    And, this me, D-Lite will debut in Japan as a solo singer this year! I will release my debut album ‘D’scover’ in Japan on 27th of February. The title of the album carries two meanings which are ‘the covers of other songs’ and ‘discover’. I will face a lot of challenges in my future Japan activities and from now on, I will write the column entitled ‘discover’ in this magazine. They will be about music, my group members and other things. Please anticipate them! 

    Japanese to Chinese translation:栗子at smileholic
    Chinese to English translation: ricey

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    Anonymous said: Ricey Unnie... why do you look like that in your profile pic??... why dont you try to look cute?...

    Because I am jinja not cute ~ =] kkkkk

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    [Lyrics]Utautai no Ballad (The narration of a singer)


    Utautai no Ballad (The narration of a singer) by Saito Kazuyoshi
    Resung by Daesung in his new solo album =]
    Ah~ Singing is not a difficult piece of work~
    You just need to let your voice flows 
    Let your mind go blank 
    And let everything go

    Ah~ When I close my eyes, my heart will be filled by
    the past that I miss and the every day I used to spend with you

    The real thoughts are carried in my voice

    I carry my feelings which cannot be expressed because of my timidity 

    Today I miss you too I sing the song that I want to sing

    I sing the words that I can never express verbally
    precise and succinct 
    please listen to me
    I love you

    Japanese to Chinese translation:www.bigbangnus.com
    Chinese to English translation: ricey


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    [TRAN] ‘Alumni’ movie review


    Part 1~ The one who can understand me

    This is a film about South Korea and North Korea. He is the protagonist which is assigned to carry out a mission in South Korea. He is only a high school student. He has never thought that he would receive training to be a killer. This is the story outline of ‘Alumni’ , how will this tragic boy portray his melancholic first love?Comparing with the action films which highlight the body movements, we expect this to strike the chords of our heart.

    In order to protect his only sister, the boy (TOP) has to carry out the mission as a killer although he is only 19. He has not ever thought that he would become a killer before he was sent by North Korea to South Korea. He was raised in a well-off family and he once dreamt of being a pianist. However, after the death of his innocent father, all of his dreams have been scattered into pieces. He accepted the condition that the organization would keep his only sister safe in exchange with his mission. This is why he has chosen a path of lethal and darkness. He covered his killer identity with his identity of being a high-schooler. He only has 1 friend who has the same name with his sister. Since he has not been taken care by everyone, gradually, he has developed a crush with this girl.

    Part 2~ The one who can understand me

    The producer of ‘Alumni’ said, ’ although the film is about people from South Korea and North Korea but it is not a politics movie. This is a movie which depicts how people lived in 30’s. Because I myself has not experienced this period of history either, I outlined a story about a kid whose life has been changed by some events.’ Therefore, the emotion that should be associated with this film is ‘compassion’. Audience will not feel happy because the protagonist has completed his mission but will be sympathetic with him, a boy who is innocent but is forced to be a killer.

    Comparing with the flowery techniques employed by the action films, this film place more emphasis on the ‘emotional’ part. The boy and the girl became friends and then they understand each other. At the same time, they are also willing to scarify for each other. The director further elaborated,’ this is a story about the kids’ trying to find out their own paths. The girl has been isolated by her friends ever since she was small so when she met the boy, who is also very lonely, they can understand each other and find out who they themselves really are. Based on these, this movie is about a story of scarifying and saving others. 

    Although TOP took up the role of a student soldier in ‘Into The Fire’ (2010), he can really be said to be the major attention of this film nowadays.

    The staff said.’ he is good at stimulating people’s compassion and sentiments. We can see that he is really something when it comes to acting through this film’ 

    Source: DCTOP and TOP baidu bar

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